“Know Thy Self”


How do you sell a product without knowing everything about it?   When you buy a new house, you expect the agent to know the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the square footage of each room, if the appliances come with the house, the selling price and the selling price of the other houses in the area that are on the market.  Just as that agent needs to know everything about that house in order to sell it, you should “know thy self” in order to land that dream job.  

Many job seekers underestimate how important it is to know who they really are and what is important to them as it relates to their job search.  The majority of people I coach want to start with preparing their resume however my career coaching programs start with a self assessment.   Starting with self assessment helps you discover your career vision, values, traits, skills, interest and what you really want to do.  We all know that no one is perfect. Recognizing your good qualities along with areas that prevent you from performing to the fullest will help you gain insight into discovering your career fit.

Begin by asking your family and friends about your skills, traits and things they think you do well.  After that, ask yourself questions such as:

  • What are my interests?  What do I really enjoy doing?  What type of activity or environment attracts me?
  • What do I do best? What are three to six of my strongest skills or competencies?  What makes me different from others seeking similar work?
  • What are my values and priorities?  What is important to me?  How does work fit in with other aspects of my life?

I assure you that if you start your job search plan with the process of getting to “know thy self” it will give you direction, make it easier for you to communicate to hiring managers and land that dream job.

TCM has effective career assessment tools that can be administered to help you identify “Thy Self” 

Visit us at www.tcmprosolutions.com, facebook and follow TashaCMills on twitter  to learn more about how TCM can assist you in obtaining your career goals.    


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