Domestic Violence -Fundraiser (free career coaching sessions w/purchase)

Receive two free career coaching sessions with purchase of

two tickets!

As president, I have the responsiblity to build the brand and business of TCM Professional Solutions however I never forget that I also have the responsiblity to serve other’s through charity.  With that, I serve on the Board of Oil O’ Joy House.

Oil O’ Joy House will provide emergency shelter and violence prevention support services to individuals and families’ victim of domestic violence. Our objective is to enhance safety for battered women and their children, and to empower women to become free of violent relationships by growing in the knowledge of Christ, discovering their self value, and to assist them to become self-sustainable through our Independent Lifestyle Training Program.

Join us as we honor the strong women who are dealing or dealt with DV as well as honor our mother’s during the mother’s day holiday season.

Enjoy the stage play “Tangled” while supporting a worthy cause.

Where: eta Creative Arts @ 7558 S. South Chicago, Chicago, IL

When: Saturday, May 5, 2012

What time: 8:00pm

Price: $35.00 per tickete


A “dramedy” that examines the impact of gun violence in Chicago from the unique perspectives of a family of female African-American funeral directors and the burden that these women bear trying to serve their community while battling their own demons and mounting fears of violence in their community.

There will also be a reception and silent auction following the play.  Please contact me at 708-715-8274 or to purchase tickets.

Please visit our website at to obtain additional information about the organization that is committed to:

                                                        RENEWED MIND 

                                                          RESTORED JOY 

                                                    REBUILDING LIVES

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