Giving Back

Blessed to give back

I have been blessed by many people throughout my personal and professional career and feel that it’s important to remember that I give of my time and talent to others in need.    On May 21, I was invited to speak to a group of young adults who are a part of the (CAPS) community assistance program, World of Work program on Chicago’s South Side.

The program is tailored to those who are in the pursuit of their high school diploma or GED while also obtaining job skills training.   During the two hour session, I spoke to the group and lead them through an exercise about discovering their gifts and talents and working towards finding the job that fit their gifts and preparing for an interview.

At the end of the presentation, the young adults were able to ask specific questions as it pertains to the job search and I was impressed with the scope of their questions and enthusiasm.   It is my hope that what I deposited into this great group of individuals will help them as they prepare for their careers.


Why not to lie on your resume

   Many people think they should “embellish” their resume to make themselves seem more important but that can end up being a big mistake.   This lesson is something we are learning from Yahoo CEO, Scott Thomson.   Scott (or his head hunter) decided to include on his resume that he had a degree in accounting and computer science when in fact he did not.  I read an article that states people are saying it is no big deal that he does not have the degree he listed on his resume because he still has the skills and abilities needed to run the company.

  The issue is not that he is unable to do the job but that being caught lying will first of all, discredit your work and your integrity and  it will also destroy any relationship   built with the workforce.   Also, please remember, that most companies do background checks which include some of the following- school records, salary history and job titles.

    Today’s lesson:  If you do not have the skills you want to put on your resume, go out and get them!  Go back to school, attend a workshop, take a class, do research, get a mentor- do whatever it takes in-order to get what you need to make yourself successful but never resort to lying. The resume is just one of the communication tools in a job seekers toolkit. In reality, you need a harmonized suite of communication tools to be used throughout your job search. TCM has power tools in our tool box to assist you in building not only that perfect resume but your other communication documents.Visit us at, facebook and follow TashaCMills on Twitter.Phone: 866-242-9036Email:

Appearance on CAN TV (ch 21) tonight @ 6pm


I am happy to say that I will be featured on the Clarice Mason show on CAN TV tonight at 6pm.  I will be discussing my background, experiences, and starting TCM Professional Solutions.   Please check it out if you are in the city of Chicago.

TCM Professional Solutions is a career development company that is focused on providing services that strengthen job seekers chance of employment.  Specialties include, but are not limited to, resume building, career coaching, and interview training. For more information please contact TCM Professional Solutions either online at, Facebook and follow me on Twitter @ TashaCMills or call 1 (866) 242-9036 to find out more about our services.

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