Stay Interview

I have read various articles surrounding employee engagement but most recently one that speaks about the “stay interview”.   I really like this concept of managers having very candid conversations with their direct reports in order to find out exactly what the company needs to do in order for them to be motivated, engaged and remain with the company.  Fewer than 1 in 3 employees worldwide (31%) are actively engaged in their workplace.

The current economy has forced employers to ask employees to do more with less.   Resizing, downsizing and layoffs are just a couple of terms being used by organizations when reducing staff as a part of their cost cutting strategies.

Whatever term is used, organizations must work towards creating a culture and environment that will engage the remaining workforce.   Stay interviews will provide managers with the information to successfully engage each of their staff members towards high performance.

Stay interviews need to be conducted by the manager and not the Human Resources department and it’s recommended that managers stay away from talking to an employee about his/her performance during the actual stay interview.

Finally, the questions asked during the stay interviews are very important and managers should be coached to understand the concept and proper questions to ask in order to gain a higher level of engagement.

Contact TCM Professional Solutions to prepare your managers to keep those top performers from looking for new opportunities.

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