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I have read various articles surrounding employee engagement but most recently one that speaks about the “stay interview”.   I really like this concept of managers having very candid conversations with their direct reports in order to find out exactly what the company needs to do in order for them to be motivated, engaged and remain with the company.  Fewer than 1 in 3 employees worldwide (31%) are actively engaged in their workplace.

The current economy has forced employers to ask employees to do more with less.   Resizing, downsizing and layoffs are just a couple of terms being used by organizations when reducing staff as a part of their cost cutting strategies.

Whatever term is used, organizations must work towards creating a culture and environment that will engage the remaining workforce.   Stay interviews will provide managers with the information to successfully engage each of their staff members towards high performance.

Stay interviews need to be conducted by the manager and not the Human Resources department and it’s recommended that managers stay away from talking to an employee about his/her performance during the actual stay interview.

Finally, the questions asked during the stay interviews are very important and managers should be coached to understand the concept and proper questions to ask in order to gain a higher level of engagement.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from TCM!!


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Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

TCM Professional Solutions would like to wish each and everyone a wonderful and Happy Valentine’s Day.  Please take the time to not only love those around you but yourself as well.

So, enjoy taking this time to celebrate the Love you have for your circle of family and friends.

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Job seekers – Landing depression before the job

Businessman Thinking on StepsThe more and more I speak with people about their job search the more I hear about the emotional effects of the job hunt.  My heart is moved each and every time I hear the stories of disappointment, fear and anger.

The termination meeting is the launching ground of the emotional roller coaster.  Not only is it depressing to think that your steady income is now cut off it also is a blow to your self esteem.  It is hard to wrap your arms around the idea that your lay off was due to cut backs and not your lack of skill.

Being laid off twice myself, I am no stranger to the feelings that accompany losing a job.   Below, I have listed 12 points that promises to assist you in dealing with those negative emotions during your job search.

      1.      Know you have a mission in life

I am a huge believer that each and every one of us was placed on this earth to fulfill a mission.  This mission is unique to each person and no one else can complete this mission but you.   If you don’t work towards your mission then there will be situations not solved and people not helped because you did not complete your mission.

        2.     Pray and read the word of God daily

I don’t know why I did not put this first.  Out of everything on this list, this point has been the most beneficial for me.  I believe the promises of God and know that the answers to his promises are always…“Yea and Amen”.    His word is so comforting and time spent in prayer calms your soul.

        3.     Keep your house/condo/apartment neat and clean.  A messy house is indication of a messy mind

It is hard to think and feel good when you are in a messy environment.   In watching the reality series Hoarders the connection to the hoard in their house is always linked to their mental state.  Get up every morning, make up your bed, pick up your clothes and wash the dishes.   Clean surroundings can lift your spirits.

        4.      Get plenty of fresh air and sunlight

I am a big fan of the outdoors (can’t keep me in the house in the summer) however the more vitamin D you get the better you feel.   Take a walk to get the blood flowing.  Fitting exercise into your daily routine will release the “feel good” hormones.   While you are taking that walk make sure to notice the trees, birds and Gods other handy work.

         5.     Surround yourself with positive supportive people

The worst thing you can do is spend time with people who always focus on the negative.   Negativity is draining and keeps you down.  I make it a practice to surround myself with people who believe in me – “my team”.   I have learned how to build the best team in order to be successful and this includes making cuts at different points in the game.

          6.     Volunteer

Helping others takes your mind off of your problems.  There is always someone worst off than you.  No matter how low we are, helping others does something good for the soul.  Believe me; you will get something in return for giving back.

          7.     Believe the positive and not the negative about yourself

It always amazes me how we will believe the negative over the positive.   Changed the meaning of “keeping it real” to believing all the positive things about my life above the negative.   I read the following from a website on the benefits of positive thinking – When we are in a negative state we do not attract those elements that would make our lives advance; rather we attract the circumstances that support us in thinking something is wrong, and we get stuck.”

           8.    Remember your situation is only temporary

I know it may seem like a new job opportunity may never come along but that’s the negativity talking.   Think back to every challenging situation you have dealt with in life.  Did it last forever?  No, eventually it turned around and so will this.

           9.     Give yourself “pep” talks

I like this point because it really works for me.  What we say to/about ourselves has greater weight on our mental state than what others say about us (good or bad).  Therefore, give yourself pep talks about how smart, kind, skilled and resourceful you are.   Try it you’ll like it…I promise.

           10.   Don’t focus on what you can’t control.  Work hard on what you can control

This is such a source of stress and anxiety for most people.  Face it, we can’t control when we get a call from a recruiter for an interview or if we are going to get an offer after the interview.  You can control how you approach your job search – learn a new skill, stay current on trends in your industry, get out and network, etc.

            11.   Create your goals and fill your daily “To do” list with activities that line up with those goals

This is so important.  You must have a road map to know where you are going.  Having set plans for the day keeps you away from watching television all day.  It also gives you a sense of accomplishment when you can cross things off the list.  Each time you cross something off the list it brings you closer to your goal.

             12.    Seek assistance from a career coach

Now, you know I could not end this list without this point….lol.   All jokes aside, we are in an entirely different job market and I run into people who are still searching for a new job the old way and are unsuccessful and frustrated.   The meaning of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome.   If you are having trouble navigating this new world of work give me a call to discuss.

Remember, your emotions do not override the truth that you have a mission in life, are skilled, talented and WILL land that next amazing job.

TCM has effective career tools that can be administered to help you in your job seach.

      Our mission is to provide the best practices surrounding career coaching, career management, training and development along with workshops and seminars while holding true to our core values of integrity, knowledge and excellence. 

Our commitment is to always remain relevant and up to date on the workforce trends as well as remain flexible and innovative while establishing close meaningful relationships with those we serve.

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Women’s empowerment experience

Hi Friends,
As you may or may not know I am on the board of a very wonderful organization called Oil O’ Joy House.   Oil O’ Joy House provides violence prevention support services to individuals and families’ victim of domestic violence. Our objective is to enhance the safety for battered individuals and their families, and to empower them to become free of violent relationships by growing in the knowledge of Christ, discovering their self value, and developing self-sustainable skills through our Independent Lifestyle Training Program.   Oil O’ Joy House provides 24-hour Hotline, domestic violence education, community outreach services, counseling, trainings, and CEU’s to professionals.
We are in the mist of a big undertaking of purchasing a “safe house” for women who are victims of DV therefore we are having a wonderful fund-raiser.  On Saturday, September 15, 2012 we are having a Women’s empowerment fundraiser called – Relax, Release, Rejoice.
As we raise funds we will also enjoy a time together to learn how to:

Relax – And let go of the daily stressors

Release – Whatever or whoever is weighing you down

Rejoice – It’s time to live a life filled with joy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

9:30am to 2:30pm

American Legion Hall

443 E. 157th St

South Holland, IL 60473

Ticket price: $35

If you can not make the event would you be willing to please sponsor another woman who would benefit from joining us on this day.  You can reach me at 708-715-8274 or

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Giving Back

Blessed to give back

I have been blessed by many people throughout my personal and professional career and feel that it’s important to remember that I give of my time and talent to others in need.    On May 21, I was invited to speak to a group of young adults who are a part of the (CAPS) community assistance program, World of Work program on Chicago’s South Side.

The program is tailored to those who are in the pursuit of their high school diploma or GED while also obtaining job skills training.   During the two hour session, I spoke to the group and lead them through an exercise about discovering their gifts and talents and working towards finding the job that fit their gifts and preparing for an interview.

At the end of the presentation, the young adults were able to ask specific questions as it pertains to the job search and I was impressed with the scope of their questions and enthusiasm.   It is my hope that what I deposited into this great group of individuals will help them as they prepare for their careers.

Why not to lie on your resume

   Many people think they should “embellish” their resume to make themselves seem more important but that can end up being a big mistake.   This lesson is something we are learning from Yahoo CEO, Scott Thomson.   Scott (or his head hunter) decided to include on his resume that he had a degree in accounting and computer science when in fact he did not.  I read an article that states people are saying it is no big deal that he does not have the degree he listed on his resume because he still has the skills and abilities needed to run the company.

  The issue is not that he is unable to do the job but that being caught lying will first of all, discredit your work and your integrity and  it will also destroy any relationship   built with the workforce.   Also, please remember, that most companies do background checks which include some of the following- school records, salary history and job titles.

    Today’s lesson:  If you do not have the skills you want to put on your resume, go out and get them!  Go back to school, attend a workshop, take a class, do research, get a mentor- do whatever it takes in-order to get what you need to make yourself successful but never resort to lying. The resume is just one of the communication tools in a job seekers toolkit. In reality, you need a harmonized suite of communication tools to be used throughout your job search. TCM has power tools in our tool box to assist you in building not only that perfect resume but your other communication documents.Visit us at, facebook and follow TashaCMills on Twitter.Phone: 866-242-9036Email:

Appearance on CAN TV (ch 21) tonight @ 6pm


I am happy to say that I will be featured on the Clarice Mason show on CAN TV tonight at 6pm.  I will be discussing my background, experiences, and starting TCM Professional Solutions.   Please check it out if you are in the city of Chicago.

TCM Professional Solutions is a career development company that is focused on providing services that strengthen job seekers chance of employment.  Specialties include, but are not limited to, resume building, career coaching, and interview training. For more information please contact TCM Professional Solutions either online at, Facebook and follow me on Twitter @ TashaCMills or call 1 (866) 242-9036 to find out more about our services.

Domestic Violence -Fundraiser (free career coaching sessions w/purchase)

Receive two free career coaching sessions with purchase of

two tickets!

As president, I have the responsiblity to build the brand and business of TCM Professional Solutions however I never forget that I also have the responsiblity to serve other’s through charity.  With that, I serve on the Board of Oil O’ Joy House.

Oil O’ Joy House will provide emergency shelter and violence prevention support services to individuals and families’ victim of domestic violence. Our objective is to enhance safety for battered women and their children, and to empower women to become free of violent relationships by growing in the knowledge of Christ, discovering their self value, and to assist them to become self-sustainable through our Independent Lifestyle Training Program.

Join us as we honor the strong women who are dealing or dealt with DV as well as honor our mother’s during the mother’s day holiday season.

Enjoy the stage play “Tangled” while supporting a worthy cause.

Where: eta Creative Arts @ 7558 S. South Chicago, Chicago, IL

When: Saturday, May 5, 2012

What time: 8:00pm

Price: $35.00 per tickete


A “dramedy” that examines the impact of gun violence in Chicago from the unique perspectives of a family of female African-American funeral directors and the burden that these women bear trying to serve their community while battling their own demons and mounting fears of violence in their community.

There will also be a reception and silent auction following the play.  Please contact me at 708-715-8274 or to purchase tickets.

Please visit our website at to obtain additional information about the organization that is committed to:

                                                        RENEWED MIND 

                                                          RESTORED JOY 

                                                    REBUILDING LIVES

Employers- Are you prepared for the interview?

An organization is only as good as its employees.   Effective interviewing skills are often overlooked as it relates to the other side of the table (the interviewer).    Managers make quick and ineffective hiring decisions that not only cost the company money but precious time.   I am always tickled by the feedback I receive from my coaching clients who go into interviews with hiring managers that do not know how to interview.  

I have worked with hiring managers who receive room in their budget to add to their headcount and immediately come to me with their approved job requisition in hand with no plan in place.  Hiring managers need to take the time to put a plan in place that lists the critical factors that contribute to a successful hire.

  • Skills required
  • Needs of the company
  • Personality fit
  • Experience and interest

Just as it is very important for a candidate to make a good impression and put in the proper work to prepare for the interview, the hiring manager needs to be effectively trained and prepared to assess a candidate’s skills, abilities, behaviors and attitude.    Hiring managers also should not make a hiring decision based on having a “good feeling” about a candidate.   Skill and personality test should be included in the interview process. 

 You can lose your next top performer because your interviewing approach is haphazard with no strategic approach.  A high performer comes to the interview to assess if the company’s goals, values, culture, hiring manager, performance and business structure match their career goals.  Remember, good hires will help you develop a strong, healthy, productive competitive company. 

Contact TCM Professional Solutions to help you prepare for your next top performaners.

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Happy Valentine’s day from TCM!!


TCM Professional Solutions would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy Valentine’s day.   Valentine’s Day is a celebration of Love and we know that Love is the greatest of all gifts. 

So, enjoy taking this time to celebrate the Love you have for your circle of family and friends. 

Tonight’s Free Career Workgroup has been cancelled but will convene again on Tuesday, February 21st.

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